Introducing: Learn The Turn

Baseball Rebellion’s Non-Invasive Rotational Skill Training teaches players a great non-hitting rotational solution to use when facing different pitches and speeds before they try it.
Then we allow them to either choose the solution they used before, or we see if the new solution makes an appearance when they hit under the stress of velocity, spin, time constraints, and other variables we introduce.

We want you to retain the swing you have but turn faster while using those same mechanics.

Imagine hitting the ball harder without changing your swing. Sounds impossible right? It's not.


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What's In The Book?

PART I: My Journey To Learn The Turn

Chas Pippitt, the book's author and the creator of the Learn The Turn training methodology, takes you through his journey of discovering the concepts behind training rotation in the baseball/softball swing.

PART II: Introducing Learn The Turn

Learn the "why" behind the Learn The Turn program and rotational training. Also, learn more about how this program is different from traditional bat speed programs and what it will do for hitters of all ages.

PART III: 30 Days To A Faster Turn Overview

Next, you get taken, drill-by-drill, through the entire 30 Days To A Faster Turn program. Here you'll learn the specific rotational movements needed to generate more power in your swing.

PART IV: 30 Days To A Faster Turn Program

Finally, get access to the FREE 30 Days To A Faster Turn training program. Each day will be broken down by the drills, the number of sets, and number of reps you need to do to develop a faster turn!

Who Should Read Learn The Turn?

Parents are often the ones who play the biggest role in their child's athletic skill development. So, understanding what you are talking about is important! Learn how maximizing rotation helps your player's swing with the Learn The Turn book & the 30 Days to a Faster Turn program.


Experienced players should read the book for the simple reason that it will help them understand the role rotation plays in the swing Plus, you'll be able to follow the 30 Days to a Faster Turn training program to maximize your turn and power at the plate!


For coaches & instructors, the Learn The Turn will help you be able to apply the proven non-invasive rotational training methodology used at Baseball Rebellion. That means you don't have to change your players' swings to help them turn faster & hit the ball harder!


Meet the Writer

Chas Pippitt

Chas Pippitt is the founder of Baseball Rebellion and creator of the Non-Invasive Rotational Training methodology. With a combination of his unique ability to break down the swing to hitters of all ages and his understanding of the importance of technology in training, Chas has amassed over 27,500 one-on-one lessons during his career. Chas has aided in the development of thousands of travel ball all-stars, hundreds of scholarship-level college athletes, and dozens of MLB draft picks. In addition to his in-person training, Chas does remote training with elite high school, college, and professional baseball players.

6 Reasons To Read Learn The Turn


Our non-invasive swing approach means you can get better without changing your swing.

Hit Less

There is NO hitting involved in this program. It's designed to complement your existing training.

Learn More

When you're hitting less, you have more time to understand the "why" behind all the movements.

Works For All Ages

Whether your hitter is 8, 18, or 28, learning to turn more efficiently will help them hit the ball harder.

Filled With Videos

We've loaded up our eBook with in-depth explanation videos to help you on your Learn The Turn journey.

30-Day Training Plan

With your purchase of the Learn The Turn eBook, you get a FREE 30 day training plan! (More Below)

FREE 30 Days To A Faster Turn Training Program

The Learn The Turn eBook comes with FREE a month-long training rotational training program: 30 Days To A Faster Turn. This program is designed to help hitters apply everything learned in the Learn The Turn book and incorporate it into their daily training.

Remember, this is a NON-INVASIVE training program. We're not aiming to change your swing with this program, we just want to help you turn faster!

See What Everyone is Saying

Ryan Mountcastle (1B - Baltimore Orioles)

"The Rebel’s Rack and Baseball Rebellion’s rotational skill training has helped me from the beginning of my pro career in the minors and still helps me to this day in the Big Leagues."

Tom Eller (Former JUCO HC & MiLB Hitting Coach)

"Hitting is hard but this system makes it a lot easier. Learning to turn correctly allows you to create time, see the ball better, & do more damage all while not having to be out of control."

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